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If you’re looking to replace old, worn-out tyres, then look no further. Our team are experts in choosing the right tyres for your vehicle, whether you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your car or improve tyre traction, you’ll be sure to find the right tyre here in London, W14 9PB.

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All You Need To Know


The owners manual of your vehicle has a detailed section outlining the intervals that your car should be serviced. The schedule also lists the items that need particular attention at each of those intervals. Most modern cars have a service reminder light that illuminates on the dashboard when your service is due.

If you own an older car or don’t have the owners manual then the general rule of thumb for oil and filter change is every 7000 miles or 6 monthly, whichever comes first.

The time taken to service your car varies depending on the service interval e.g. the service relevant to the number of kilometres you’ve travelled or age of your car in months since purchase, whichever comes first. The average time for a standard service is 1-1.5 hours. You will need to allow more time for major services which involve attention to additional items such as: air; cabin and fuel filters; brake fluid and coolant; transmission and other lubricants; timing belts and so on.